Aromatherapy Answers

What is Aromatherapy Massage?

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy, and touch one of the most important forms of communication. There are many benefits to touch, giving physical and psychological effects. These range from relaxing, easing pain or tension from muscles and joints, boosting circulation and reducing toxins and boosting mental health. 

With our skin being our largest sensory organ, it is no wonder that the effects of massage on our body systems are far reaching. Natural endorphins are released from the bodies nerve receptors and sends messages to the brain to relax, whereas more stimulating pressured massage can work on the bodies underlying muscles. 

Massage promotes a healthy circulation as breathing deepens and widens capillaries, this allows vital nutrients to also be circulated. Other effects can be lowered blood pressure, mobility improvement and increased use of the parasympathetic nervous system, boosting digestion and elimination. There are a number of ways to massage; soft tissue, deep tissue, head massage, reflexology and acupressure. 

Aromatherapy massage works to support the effects of massage with the use of essential oils, blended for their therapeutic effects on the body. The aromatic molecules of the oils are small enough when combined with carrier oil and applied to the body, to be absorbed through the layers of the skin into the bodies circulation, this has a more significant effect on the body and greater results than other methods of using essential oils; such as inhalation or diffusion. 

A qualified Aromatherapist can also prescribe for you further home treatments to benefit conditions and blend ointments or creams, compress ingredients, inhalation and vaporisation blends.

How does Aromatherapy Massage work?

Therapists will combine key massage movements over the body, together with lymphatic drainage to remove toxins produced towards the lymph nodes for elimination. They may also be trained in acupressure as we at 25thhourltd are, to offer you the ancient healing art, which uses the fingers to apply gentle pressure on key points of the skins surface to stimulate the body systems. Similar in principle to reflexology this follows the same process of acupuncture, but without the needles! 

This can help the body to release endorphins to release pain, muscles relax, and the body naturally heals. It can also help to boost immunity, relax tension and stresses and improve the respiratory system, together with specific ailments, such as headaches.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants and possess distinctive therapeutic effects on the body. They have been used significantly over the years as far back as the Egyptians, who used Cedar, Myrrh and Frankincense for embalming, the antibacterial properties prevented the bodies from rotting. 

The Greeks and the Arabs also used oils before it became an art in countries such as China, before it was introduced to the United Kingdom. The aromatic and volatile substances are extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, resin and peel of the plant, tree of fruit and can be used alone or in synergy with another oil for maximum effect.

What are the benefits to Aromatherapy Massage? What is it good for?

Aromatherapy massage has a significant effect on all of the bodies systems and coupled with the powerful effect of the oils this provides a significant benefit to treatment.

Skin - Antiseptic healing properties, Anti-inflammatory to benefit rashes, wounds or skin conditions, Cicatrisant stimulates skin growth for scars and wounds, Deodorant, Fungicidal for conditions such as athletes foot or ringworm. Insect repellent or Parasiticides to treat lice or scabies.

Skeletal system - joints and muscles benefit as the blood is warmed and stimulated by the massage and the oils, oxygen is brought to the joint to reduce and remove lactic acid and waste. Anti-inflammatory, rheumatics reduce and relieve pain. Depurative detoxify and Rubefacients stimulate and warm the area.

Lymphatic System - Stimulating the system produces antibodies and the filtering of tissue to remove waste.

Nervous System - Slowing down of reactions and relaxing an overactive nervous system. Sedatives, adrenal stimulants, hypnotics, stimulants, nervine and antidepressants.

Endocrine System - Control of overactive and under-active thyroid, balancing the reproductive system and controlling high blood sugar levels through the communication of hormones.

Reproductive System - Supports PMT, menopause, Fluid retention and hormones. Uterine tonics, hormone influencing, emmenagogues induce menstruation.

Digestive System - Prevents Pain & spasm by aiding movement and natural peristalsis. Carminatives reduce flatulence and nausea; hepatics support the liver function and cholagogues stimulate the effects of the gall bladder.

Respiratory System - Works as antispasmodic, decongestant, expectorant and antiviral antiseptic.

Urinary System - Clears infection through the use of diuretics to aid removal and relieving symptoms and bacterial infections

Immune System - Strengthens immunity through regular use, attach bacteria already in body or stimulate cells and organs to be better equipped to fight them. Antivirals, Bactericidal, Cytophylactics increase white blood cells, vermifuges eradicate worms, vulneraries help heal wounds.

Circulatory System - Hypertensives stimulate the circulation, Hypotensives lower blood pressure, tonics support varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

What does Aromatherapy Massage entail?

As with general massage there are several variations based on the specific needs of the individual and also the benefits that the therapy is looking to address. 

Full body massage will usually start with the client lying face down and the therapist working on the back & shoulders before moving to the backs of the legs and the feet. The client then repositions to face up and the remaining from of legs, arms and abdomen are massaged before the therapist finishes on the head and face. This can be varied according to client and some people prefer the whole time to be spent on their back, neck and shoulders. The full body massage is immensely relaxing, however and many clients although feeling they may not benefit from an abdominal massage are pleasantly surprised. This is great for IBS, digestion, urinary conditions, hormonal and during pregnancy.

How much is it & how long does it last?

Similar in length and cost to traditional massages. Hour, 90 minutes usually

When should aromatherapy massage not be used?

It is important that you use a Qualified Aromatherapist as they are trained in Essential Oils to understand the therapeutic effects, blending requirements, dilution percentages and any medical contraindications to treatment. A full medical and lifestyle consultation will take place to ensure that your treatment is safe and that you are also given oils and treatment to support any conditions and desired outcomes of treatment. Treatment should not take place if you have a fever, have consumed alcohol or a heavy meal, also if you have any vomiting or diarrhoea. Only those therapists trained in Pregnancy massage should carry out these treatments over 3 months (at the therapists discretion) and there are many oils that are perfectly safe to use in treatment, but also those that need to be avoided (such as, fennel, peppermint and rosemary). Your therapist may require you to have a simple skin test if you are particularly sensitive, however they will avoid using any oils that may be more likely to cause sensitivity.

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