I am a compassionate, intuitive and colourful person with a deep commitment to my own self-development and a passion for supporting you in your unique life journey. I have worked with a diverse range of people in the UK and abroad. Having been on this path for over 10 years I have experienced for myself and witnessed in others, how real change and transformation is possible on any level.

I resonate with this way of working as described by Shaun McNiff (1998)

'I feed and sustain a living process and trust that it will find its' way to natural and transformative outcomes that cannot be planned in advance. I am a keeper of the therapeutic space which is the primary agent of therapeutic transformation.'I offer a range of Creative Well-being services for individuals, couples and groups and am based in the Wye/Dean area but also work in the East Midlands and do Distant sessions anywhere in the world...

Therapeutic & Expressive Arts

Would you like to feel less stressed and more alive? Do you want to connect more deeply with yourself and find ways to express yourself that goes beyond words?

These are just some of the things that engaging in an expressive arts process may enable.

The session could involve: visual art-making, movement, embodied reflection, relaxation or meditation.

Sessions are tailored to you and can be accessible to all ages and abilities, no previous experience of art necessary!

I hold a degree in the Creative Expressive Therapies and engage in much enlivening CPD.


Do you want to empower yourself and find better health? Are you seeking to be free from limiting conditions or life-patturns that you just keep ending up in?

Bodytalk works directly with the innate wisdom of the body-mind to facilitate deep healing and development on all levels - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and ancestral. It focuses on the consciousness roots of the issue rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Bodytalk may help with many conditions including injuries, chronic conditions, psychological well-being, allergies, trauma, addiction and restrictive self-beliefs.

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and am looking forward to taking more advanced courses with the International BodyTalk Association, of which I am a member.


Are you looking for profound relaxation and healing? Would you like to feel more balanced and at ease with yourself and the world?

Reiki focuses on the flow of Universal Life-Force Energy and works with the Subtle Energy Body - the Chakras, Aura and Meridian lines. It follows that the more in balance and flow your energy body is, the greater your sense of well-being and ability to heal yourself.

Reiki can also be a gentle yet transformative form of Bodywork, which can help loosen up areas that feel blocked and hard to be with, supporting self-awareness and change.

Couples Reiki : Take your relationship deeper with supportive & restful shared sessions. They feature personal & joint Reiki, eye-gazing and attention to your shared aura. They may help you to develop intimacy with your partner, open your hearts to one another and ease any tangles. LGBTQ friendly - like all of Creative Depths!

I am a Reiki Master in the Mikao Usui tradition and my training is certified by the Reiki Council.