Caeredwen Gregson-Barnes
Bowen Therapist

I am a fully qualified Smart Bowen therapist practising from my recently established clinics in Lydney and Tidenham.  I am also qualified in Reiki II, Animal Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

I am also training to be an Equine Bowen Therapist and expect to achieve that qualification in spring 2019.

I established my clinics with the goal of bringing Bowen Therapy to as many people within the Forest of Dean as possible.   Bowen Therapy is an incredibly gentle hands-on holistic therapy which is a joy to receive.   Providing benefits on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, it can literally change your life.  Having seen and experienced the amazing results this therapy can bring both humans and animals, I am excited to share that with others.
I believe in the value of self-care and encourage everyone to take a short period out of their busy lives to connect with their physical and spiritual selves.   It’s impossible to truly care for others in the long term if you neglect yourself.