I first came across The Bowen Technique when I heard of its uses on horses & dogs. I later experienced it for myself while recovering from a C-section & shortly after I began my training with the European College of Bowen Studies ( now renamed College of Bowen Studies) I qualified in 2014 & immediately began training with the School of Canine Bowen Therapy, gaining my certificate in Autumn 2015.

I offer treatments for people at The Apothecary Shop in Ledbury & Newent Osteopaths. For dogs I have a mobile service.

The Bowen Technique is a complementary physical therapy for the relief of pain & discomfort, improved functional movement, structural rebalance & increased relaxation. It was developed by Tom  Bowen in the 50's/60's in Australia, arriving on our shores in the early 8o's. Its popularity has rapidly spread across the globe as a gentle yet effective therapy.

During a Bowen session the client remains clothed & lies prone or supine on a treatment couch if physically able to - clients may also lie on their side or sit in a chair or wheelchair.

The therapist makes rolling moves using fingers or thumbs with gentle but firm pressure over specific areas of the body. The moves create a disturbance within the layers of "fascia" (connective tissue) under the skin.

The session is interspersed with breaks where the therapist leaves the room to allow the brain to process the Bowen moves & encourage the body to reorganise & reset itself (to that which is best for each individual) by releasing tensions held in the fascia, returning the nervous system to a more relaxed state & restoring function.

I have an interest in clients who practice sports/dance & in the canine world those who compete in Canicross & other mushing activities.

I also practice an even gentler form of the technique called Fascia Bowen which is particularly indicated for the chronically ill, the old/frail, the very young & those especially in need of brining their system into a more relaxed state.

There is currently much interest & research into fascia, which has been renamed "the Interstitium" by the scientific community. This is providing us with more knowledge of how this, until now, overlooked part of our body functions, what purposes it serves us, how it behaves & how it can be influenced. For the Bowen Therapy community this is very exciting as it is proving that the way we work fits exactly in place!