I use analogue photography as a tool for engagement, conversation and most importantly as a tool for just slowing everything down and looking at our world and lives from a different perspective..

We live in a busy and hectic world.

Wellbeing might address “your state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”.

Our world has become a very noisy environment.

When did you last watch the sun go down or wake up in the dark to see a sun rise away from city lights and background noises?

When did you walk past a small slowly flowing river hearing nothing but the noise of flowing water?

In contrast most of us are constantly bombarded with unnatural background noise. Furthermore we are swamped by electronic distractions, social media, messaging, people sharing stories, the digital feeds are relentless.

My offering is very simple. 

Find a safe and quiet environment devoid of anything electronic.

Together we can explore this found space. We become observers of this borrowed space. Having been observers we can explore a narrative. This narrative is upto you.

I utilise photography to tell stories. Not digital photography but rather film photography. The tactile nature of film photography lends itself to a more contemplative and considered approach to a moment in contrast to modern digital capturing devices.

A typical session might comprise a simple walk finding a quiet place and being an observer looking and absorbing our surroundings.

Hopefully this place is as far as possible away from the noise and distractions that our busy lives are normally subjected too.

What do we see when we look?

“To understand music, you must listen to it. But so long as you are thinking, I am listening to this music, you are not listening.” Allan W Watts.

If a photograph is a connection between you and the world then it is a moment, it is now. If it is not it is a copy.

I encourage that you leave all phones and electronic devices behind.

About making photographs.

We will be working with film and as such and in contrast to digital photography we are limited as to how many pictures we will make. We have a choice of cameras ranging from 35mm to a 4x5” plate camera.

The second part of the day we will process the film make a contact print. Later in the year we will have available a fully kitted out mobile darkroom which would allow printing of the negatives.

How the day happens is entirely unto you.

We hope that you will come away a much quieter and calm person with hopefully a new way of looking and observing the world around us.