Helena is an advanced practitioner and mentor for the Kinesiology Federation as well as UK Trainer for the International Kinesiology College. She is a popular tutor and speaker both around the UK and internationally.

With more than 20 years complementary health experience she has worked with thousands of clients from around the world, she has a deep understanding of how to work with a wide range of issues, no matter their complexity.

Kinesiology is a hands on, holistic therapy. Combining Western techniques with the principles of Eastern medicine, Kinesiology looks beyond symptoms to find a root cause.

Using muscle monitoring, a Kinesiologist can access the body's innate knowledge. This allows the practitioner and the client to determine where the physical, emotional, energetic, chemical and nutritional imbalances lie and the appropriate care plan.  

With the help of a wide range of tools and know-how the Kinesiologist empowers others to help themselves, fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.