Shiatsu Treatments and Meridian Massage are body work combined with lightbody energywork and/or Sotai structural balance movements. The full spectrum of body-mind-spirit support is available to meet you whatever you are experiencing in yourself and your life.

All treatments are empathic and emotionally nurturing; intuitive, inspired and transformational; spiritually sensitive and deeply connecting; physical and practical.

Each session is a consultation as well as physical body work - whether receiving a comfortably clothed Shiatsu treatment or an essential oil Meridian Massage. You will feel connected and supported throughout the whole spectrum of your being, from body mechanics to energy field.

Shiatsu treatments use the same pressure points map as acupuncture, the same energy flow awareness as Tai Chi and Chi Gung. I also bring in my training and experience with meditation, ancient wisdom traditions such as shamanism and wicca, modern spiritual classic A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, and breakthrough thinking.

This is Wellbeing focused and inner wisdom guided holistic healthcare for body-mind-spirit conscious people who nurture their health and recognise that a healthy lifestyle is a path of progress, not a destination.