Over the past ten years I've developed a philosophy of change I call Mandooka MST. This philosophy basically mirrors the notion that the body reflects the mind, and that we are first and foremost physical beings. Though a programme entitled Bodywork for the Mind, MST (Movement : Stillness : Touch) becomes a vehicle for recognising how our bodies and minds evolve over a lifetime, and how perceptions and lifestyle can dictate individual wellbeing.

All three MST components overlap, but in essence the Movement element is Taichi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW), and the Stillness element is Spiritual Coaching. The Touch element is as significant as the other two, perhaps more so: on one level Touch is physical, perhaps a simple touch on the shoulder, or a full body massage, and on another level its the energy interplay between movement and stillness.

All elements may be used together to offer a bespoke life change programme, or individual elements may draw in the other two e.g. a TMW course will have stillness and touch elements, and Spiritual Coaching sessions may utilise physical movements on some level. Every client has different requirements, and Bodywork for the Mind seeks to offer something to everyone.

I offer class based TMW trainings (including a reduced set of movements for those living with Dementia - carer and diagnosed together); one to one Spiritual Coaching seeking inner sanctuary; 'beyond the physical' massage. I also offer touch trainings for the Dementia community, primarily couples based.

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