Mark is an accredited Kinetic Chain Release therapist. He is trained & accredited by Kinetic Chain Release™ founder Hugh Gilbert.

What is Kinetic Chain Release?

KCR (Kinetic Chain Release™) is a series of mobilizations & stretches which allows your body to return to natural balance. It is gentle, non-invasive and safe for all ages. Benefits can include relief from chronic pain, increased energy levels and improvement in sports.

It is a simple yet extremely effective therapy developed and taught by Scottish physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert.

We are often asked:

“What is KCR? Is it a Physio technique, a Chiropractic technique, an Osteopathy technique or what?”

After much research, discussion and deliberation, KCR will “technically” be considered as a form of massage.

Balanced and Imbalanced.
Kinetic Chain Release™ brings the body back into balance quickly and easily, providing a high degree of relief (and in many cases instant resolution)  from pain and discomfort.

Kinetic Chain Release can give release from


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