Whilst I propose to cover some of the ingredients necessary to start building an audience, the session is intended to create a relaxed and informal space to explore any specific questions and issues you might have.

By sharing with the group everybody can learn and benefit.

*suggest the group be limited to 5 people but am happy to do additional sessions.

This session is intended to outline the following topics, and hopefully provide you with ideas and concepts to make your digital presence more effective.

Suggested itinerary.

You are your own brand -
First contact, how do you greet people?

How do you want people to perceive you and your business.

Websites -
Business card
Why and how
Mobile friendly
The green padlock

Call to action
Contact forms
Mail Chimp
Domain specific email addresses
Downloadable resources

SEO, Metadata, Og data, website description, keywords, localisation (google business page)

Search engines -
Triangulation between website, Twitter, FB page. Other options such as Google business page, instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
Back links and forums

Consider search questions/phrases increase in spoken searching, Alexa and Siri

Collaboration and the power of the collective.

Content creation -
How and what
We are all curators
We all have opinions
Give something of value “how to do something”

Don’t forget conventional media.


I am happy to work one to one if you want to take your brand to the next level - I build web platforms and develop online strategies, please contact me for details guywoodland@icloud.com