I have trained and studied various complementary modalities and topics.

My background is in engineering and business and some of the techniques and treatments I learnt and use, have required a significantly new way of thinking. This experience gives me the ability to understand and engage with people approaching these techniques for the first time.

I really enjoy working with people who are ready to take ownership for the areas of their lives that aren’t working and who are looking for exciting new ways to move forward.


I work 1:1 with clients and small groups to create the positive change being sought.


  • Addressing limiting beliefs
  • Managing emotions that have influenced or controlled you, until now
  • Changing behaviours that no longer serve you, such as stopping smoking or removing phobias.


In my work I use a variety of modalities

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnosis
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Time Line Therapy TM
  • Energy techniques, including Reiki and Seichem.


As a trainer of NLP and Hypnosis I run certified trainings in these topics.

In addition to my private 1:1 work, I volunteer utilising my skills in the NHS and Charlies, a local cancer support group.

I coach veterans and their families on a programme that runs all around the country; and to keep abreast of topics, I am involved in special interest groups, organising events and conferences.

Book a Free 30 minute phone call before booking a session with me, to understand how I can help you now.

Phone: ‭07966 282365
Email: info.andrewembling@gmail.com

Website: www.seeksomethingnew.com
Facebook: Seek Something New

Location: Cinderford