Throughout our lives we learn what behaviours are acceptable and what behaviours are unwelcome. This process can help us to build relationships and establish our place within communities. However it can also cause us to reject valuable parts of ourselves as we label them 'unlovable' and imprison them in shame and fear. The various roles in life of partner, parent, professional, colleague etc, can also come heavily laden with expectations which can form a limiting and mostly unconscious subtext.

Yet aren't they important to; the rejected aspects of self which don't fulfil the needs of others or fit into social guidelines? Don't they also deserve our love and attention as they dwell in the shadow of our psyche?

This is a recurring theme in my 1:1 and group work and I've had the privilege of holding space for people to deeply honour themselves. I've found that words are often too blunt an instrument for this process so I've also drawn on Embodied Reflection, Expressive Movement & Art as fuller means of accessing and giving-voice to these shadow aspects of self.

If you're feeling drawn to love yourself more fully and to live more authentically please get in touch with me - Angela Pell-Walpole, Well-Being Practitioner at Creative Depths.