Susan Sontag once said, 'To collect photographs is to collect the world', she said this in 2005. Moving on 13 years we have collected the world over and over again. It is estimated that 14 trillion photos are taken annually.

One consequence is that these competitive images being shared through digital platforms create noise (visual). This can then make it really quite difficult to see the world.

As human beings we worry all the time, we worry about a past we cannot change and a future we cannot see. To be here now, in this moment, not distracted by the past or contemplative of the future, exploring a space and feeling that relationship.

If we can create that calm space, then this is the time to explore the camera and capture one fleeting moment.

It is summed up like this: ‘To understand music, you must listen to it. But so long as you are thinking, I am listening to this music, you are not listening’. (Watts)

What we try to do here in the Forest of Dean is the reverse. No electronic devices to start with - get rid of the noise devices.

Then just walking or sitting find that contemplative space. And, when your ready you can make a photograph.

Old fashioned film cameras are used to aid this process of slowing down, and by slowing down we may become more aware and contemplative to the spaces we occupy.