To fulfil the wellbeing needs of the public, community and businesses, our purpose and mission is empowerment. 

Empowerment of You, Community, Family and Business. 

Wye Dean Wellbeing enables, by sharing and connecting. 

We share tools, techniques and experience. We connect to form community. Together we thrive and inspire. 

The beginning of 2020, COVID-19 hit us, and we entered into the first UK wide restrictions and lockdown at this point Wye Dean Wellbeing took the initiative to provide wellbeing support and resources for the public and community to access, collaborating with District and County agencies to distribute the resources and information. 

Wellbeing has never been more important than now. We understand the consequences of the current global situation with COVID-19 and the effects this is having on the wellbeing of children and adults alike. Lockdowns, non-essential travel, home schooling, masks, no shopping except for essential items….. During this time mental and emotional health has never been so important, it is now being recognised as one of the biggest concerns to come out of the crisis we are currently facing. 

More than two thirds of adults in the UK reported that they are worried about the impact the virus is currently having on their lives, with most worrying about the future. Wye Dean Wellbeing provide Counselling to Coaching and a wide range of wellbeing services, simply get in touch to discover more about how we can help you. Contact us.