My relationship with my washing machine broke down a week or so ago, it seemed to spin out of control making a load of noises. I couldn't face looking into the problem on the assumption it was something I could not repair!

Fast forward to today and after an initial inspection, my washing machine is in fact perfectly healthy!

It would seem that I have become familiar with giving the washing machine to much to do in one load, and eventually, it became overwhelmed and unbalanced. Hence spinning out of control and making noises not heard before.

Now time to form a healthy relationship with my washing machine. Not to overburden it with too much of my dirty laundry, and to be mindful of not overloading it in the future.

This got me thinking. What else have I done, or do I do, without thought, or simple over familiarity.

Most challenges in life can be assumptions, and without looking, or seeking more understanding, you will never know. More importantly, be mindful of each relationship you have, and do not assume; else you may burden or overload that relationship to breaking point.

This does not mean to be compliant and without boundaries. We all have our own identity, simply be mindful and willing to seek understanding in a way that is appropriate, talking usually works best. Remember “seek first to understand, then to be understood”
[S Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People].

Andrew Embling, Wellbeing Coach & Trainer,