Ashley is 21 years old and he has Dravet a life limiting condition along with CHD2 and autism. He is unsteady on his feet and suffers from bouts of hyper excitability.

Ashley’s Meadow was in part an attempt to create a safe space for Ashley. In part this initiative was created as a result of going on holidays that fell short because they couldn’t cater for all of our family needs.

The Place

We arrived in the Forest of Dean more by mistake rather than design, almost as if Ashley’s Meadow was meant to be.

Ashleys Meadow consists of 14 acres of private woodland which is full of charming gnarly trees and is rich with an abundance of wildlife. The land and woodland has an accessible path with naturally created benches for secluded seating. Pausing for a moment you can get captured with the ambiance of the place. It is a wonderland.

We rescued some wild welsh mountain ponies in the first Covid 19 lockdown. They are very young so can’t be ridden yet but they love an ear scratch and a carrot.We rescued somekittens and in the 2nd lockdown we picked up Tux and Oreo. We added another kitten Peri to the family. We have free range and some lambs all hand reared called Bailey, Buttons and Blanket, they are very people friendly.

There is an enclosed field with climbing tyres and a sandpit and a picnic seating area, it’s also a safe place to bring your family dog/s so they can have a good run-around.

So What Is The Idea?

Simply put – we have a unique space and this space can be utilised for all sort of experiences but ultimately it is there to help improve wellbeing.

Additionally my idea is to create a bespoke experience for people with learning difficulties, special needs, physical and mental disabilities and those with chronic and life limiting conditions so that they and their families/carers can come to Ashley’s Meadow and enjoy a restful respite holiday. 

We can offer outside personalised experiences which can be booked and personalised which might include forest bathing, wild foraging, and wicker crafts.

Our mission is:

  • Provide an accessible environment
  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Promoting equality
  • Enable participation in physical activity
  • Increase community access to outdoor spaces
  • Encourage outdoor play 
  • Promote and foster health and wellbeing
  • Reconnect quality time together as a family

We would like to provide a unique bespoke experience for you and your carer/family so you have the space to reconnect with each other. 

By forming relationship with other local organisations and individuals we can create bespoke personal experiences such as:

  • Float in the Forest
  • Immersive experiences like Forest Bathing
  • Bird Watching
  • Wildlife Photography 
  • Mindful Photography
  • Wye Dean Wellbeing holistic therapies

Going Foward Here Is Our Plan

Stage 1

We have two 5M Luna Bell Tents positioned in an enclosed field. An outdoor kitchen, eating and seating area and an accessible toilet and shower facility (to be installed in 2022).

Each tent is big enough for a family of four. The tents are enclosed in a field providing an instant feeling of security. You have access to our private woodland.

Stage 2

We plan to convert an existing building into two units. Each unit will have its own enclosed secure garden with an outside covered area to enjoy the fresh air and eat al fresco should you choose.

Each unit would be wheelchair friendly and accessible and can accommodate up to fourpeople.

Stage 3

Build a unit to facilitate a large games room with an art and crafts corner.

Convert existing building into kitchenette/diner, wet room with separate sleeping and comfort area. French doors lead out onto covered veranda with fabulous views complete with an enclosed garden area which is dog friendly.

The Well - convert existing games room into the 2nd respite holiday unit. Complete with lounge/diner kitchen, ensuite and double bedroom with option of day bed for children or carer.

Stage 4

Once up and running I would like to offer a safe-haven for communities affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Additionally, I am interested in developing a Women’s refuge.

We are very open to collaboration and very interested in opening a discussion in terms of how we can help and how we can develop so if you have ideas please get in touch