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Wye Dean Wellbeing takes no responsibility for the content that is supplied or curated. We do our best to insure that the information supplied here is correct.


Unlike the privacy policy on most websites, ours isn't adapted from a template, or just copied and pasted from wherever; it's been painstakingly written out by a human, who has considered what this website does, how you are most likely going to interact with it and what (if any) aspects of it impact your personal data. Crucially, it's been written so you can A. Understand it and B. It isn't so long and laborious that you might actually bother to read it all! As such, our policy doesn't use lots of fancy legal language and might contain the odd typo. it is also a work in progress; we update our policy as our understanding of the new GDPR legislation changes and as we improve our website and add or remove elements.


We respect your right to privacy and will always do out absolute best to ensure we conform to not just the laws at the time, but also our moral obligation to you. That's why we will never knowingly allow anyone to use any data about you that we hold unless legally required to do so, and we will always keep it secure and (where possible) will remove all trace of it at your request.

Normally we only hold names and email addresses you provide us, but at times we may hold other identifiable data about you, gathered with your consent, to carry out our day to day business with you. For instance, you might supply us with data as part of an enquiry, or as part of a purchase, or a booking process for a service, etc. In all instances this data is destroyed once it is no longer relevant or required, or held securely if it forms part of a service agreement with you or there is a legal requirement for us to retain. In which case we can hold data for up to seven years.

Like most websites, this site uses cookies (read more about them below) and also like most websites this site may share your IP address (read more about them below) with some online services. By continuing to use the site you agree to this. We don't do either of these things because we're evil, it's just for a modern website to work the way most people want them to work, you have to! DON'T PANIC though, for the majority of users you're not directly identifiable by these actions. Big Brother isn't watching!


Cookies are little bits of software that are added to your computer as you use and interact with websites. They are used mostly for good: To improve your experience, sometimes for bad: Search engines, Social sites etc may use them to track what a computer (the computer, not the person) is looking at. Many like Google will use them to target you with adverts and for analytics, which results in them being able to build a profile of what you do online. You will get these cookies added to your computer when you land on certain websites, like Google, Youtube, Facebook etc. This site makes use of Cookies, mainly so we can be sure to only show you certain content once, for example popups or reminders.

Cookies can sound a bit Orwellian and "Big Brother", but mostly they're pretty harmless and unless you land on a website that requests your data and you offer it, the data they hold is mostly anonymous, they don't have your name and email address etc. You can clear out your cookies by clearing your browser history.

As we said though, this site from time to time will use cookies (never for data gathering or advertising). It is generally good practice to install a cookie manager, so that you can see what websites install what cookies, as most have them but few admit to it.

IP Address

An IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer on the internet, it is in the form of 111.222.333.444. Lots of services, like YouTube, Facebook etc, requires that websites send them your IP address before they will allow sites to display things like embedded video, or Facebook elements, and so on. In reality your IP address isn't personal data, as 99% of the time you can't really be identified by it, but some consider it so, so to keep ourselves in the clear we've added this bit to our privacy policy: On occasion your IP address may be shared with some service providers.


Emails are normally kept until our inbox is over-flowing and we have a clear out and delete or archive all the old ones. We never use addresses obtained from emails for anything other than responding to the emails you send us. We don't harvest these emails for other purposes. Once we clear out our inbox and delete old emails from you, your details are gone.