• Course begins: Wednesday, May 4th 2022
  • Course Schedule: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (8 weekly sessions)
  • Course delivery: small online Zoom class
  • Cost: £265.00 Early Bird £225.00

Is this course for me?

You may be interested in this course for your own personal development. Perhaps you wish to use the MBSR Certificate towards a training pathway, to become a teacher of Mindfulness. 

However, we ask that you explore this training with your primary focus as wellbeing.

The course is for those wishing to establish a personal practice of daily Mindfulness and meditation.

What will we cover?

Over eight consecutive weeks,  different themes unfold online. We use the curriculum and body of evidence-based research that underpins the benefits to be gained from Mindfulness. 

We will cover the following lessons in Mindfulness, meditation and attitudes:

  1. What is Mindfulness? There is more right with us than wrong with us.
  2. Perceptions: How we perceive the world and ourselves.
  3. Mindfulness of the breath and the body in movement: Pleasure and power in being present.
  4. Learning about our patterns of stress reactivity: Wherever you go, there you are.
  5. Working with Stress: Mindful responding rather than reacting.
  6. Stressful Communications: Interpersonal Mindfulness.
  7. Lifestyle Choices: How can I best take care of myself?
  8. A Mindful Life: Keeping your Mindfulness alive.

The course includes training with the comprehensive MBSR handbook written by Bodhin Philip Woodward of Mindful Academy and includes references, diary and journal suggestions. 

We will provide the attitude cards and meditation recordings to accompany each week of training are sent via WhatsApp or email. 

People often say ‘you wouldn’t do a first aid course and call yourself a doctor,’ so Gloucestershire Mindfulness ensures that the training adheres to the sector Good Practice Guidelines (GPG’s) with integrity and professionalism.  

What will I achieve?

A deeper level of understanding of Mindfulness as recommended by health professionals.  

This can be used in clinical settings, the workplace and to those wishing to improve their wellbeing.

On completion of all 8 sessions, you will receive the MBSR Foundation Certificate.

We encourage you to read the NICE Guidelines and Mindful Initiative for further information about the efficacy of Mindful Interventions. 

If you have further interest after completing the MBSR Foundation certificate, you can apply at a later date (we recommend 6 months to embed the practice you have learned) to embark on the TT1 non-academic teacher training 12month training, followed by TT2 and TT3. Visit our teacher training page for more information.

How do I apply?

Please visit the booking page below to make payment via paypal and download our application form. 

Applications for this course are followed up with a phone call with Lynsey as part of the assessment process. 

You will receive terms and conditions prior to the commencement of the course and an invoice for payment.

You can apply by simply downloading this form and filling it out.

Application Form